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Am. Can. Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets, TP

     "Cole"                   Frozen Semen available to select bitches only


Born: July 23, 2006

Sire:  SBIS Am. Ch. Litillann's Book'em Dan'el

Dam:  Am. Ch. La Femme Allure  


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Cole a show poodle.JPG

I always love to watch show dogs who love what they do. I don’t mean that they are just good show dogs, or trained to the max, I mean that you can just about see the enthusiasm burst out of them.  This is not a training thing, this is hard wired into them, it’s just who they are… if you will.

One such dog that emits a smile from my face with his enthusiasm and energy is standard poodle Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets. That he stands still is a testament to his handler because you can just see he would love to reek havoc in that ring with his big ol’ bound around, leading the other dogs in the ring with him in a game of chase me. More often than not, that fire is fine tuned to hold a solid stack, with the enthusiasm he demonstrates typically reserved for the very young exhibit.

I find the obvious fire within is very captivating. Many show dogs by his age seem a little bored, they do what they are trained to.
I think he is just humouring everyone involved, biding his time for the aforementioned bound around fame of chase !  

Written by : Mrs. Shari Robinson (Keepsake Perm. Reg’d) for Canine Review Magazine.

Onyx show dog poodle

Multi Group Placing  & BPIG Winner

Am. Gr.Ch. Can. Ch.  ORMAR Back'N Black


Born: November 24th, 2009

Sire:  SBIS Am. Ch. HighSpirits Irrefutable, CD.

Dam:  Ch. unique Ormar What a Babe, TP

Our home bred boy "Onyx", an impressive, stylish dog finished his Canadian Championship undefeated in 1 weekend at 6 months and 10 days old, with multiple group placements. He went on to win 11 BPIG while being campaigned as a puppy special.  He earned his U.S. Championship and Grand Championship in record time. 

We thank our U.S. handlers Becky and Jeff Arch for the WONDERFUL job they have done with Onyx and for their love and dedication to my dogs. Onyx produces beautiful puppies possessing lovely  breed type, wonderful stable  temperaments and great health.  Onyx's full litter sister, Am.Gr.Ch. Can.Ch. Ormar Robinsong Persuasive resides in the U.S. with her owner, J. Harigan.


OFA  CHIC #: 87498

HIPS:     OFA -  EXCELLENT   (PO-20556E/31M-PI)

DM:       CLEAR    (PO-DM397/17M-PI)

NeWS:   CLEAR   (PO-NES592/37M-PI)

VwD:      Carrier  (PO-VW875/38M-PI-CAR)

Eyes:       NORMAL (CERF) (PO-EYE85/37M-PI)

SA:           CLEAR    (PO-SA3883/35M-PI)

ORMAR  Koh-I-Noor



Born: May 8th, 2018

Sire:   Am.Can. Ch. Cabernet Cut To The Chase

Dam: Demi

Our stunning home bred white boy "Noor", littlermate to "Anessa" (the latter named in loving memory of our Anessa).  We are very proud of this breeding and look forward to the future with both, Noor and his sister.  This breeding was accomplished via frozen semen surgical imsemination.  We are forever  grateful to our wonderful fertility specialist vet, Dr. Angelica Stock, PhD, for making it possible for us to have these wonderful puppies.

Noor as a Poodle puppy
Ace wins ribbon at Dog Show

Multi Group Placing & BPIG winner, 

Am. Can. Ch.  Poker Face


Born: 20/06/2012

Sired by:  MBIS, SBIS, Am. Can. Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets, TP.

Our handsome boy “Ace” started his U.S. show career with a bang!  His first weekend out at 6 1/2 months old he went Best of Winners for a 3 point major.  His second weekend out at 7 1/2 months old resulted in back to back 3 and 4 point majors.  He won another 4 point major at 9 months, and finished his U.S. Championship at 10 months old with 4 majors!

Upon his return to Canada, Ace finished his Canadian championship quickly with multiple group placements and 2 BPIG wins, beautifully handled by Hailey Griffith

Our gratitude and thanks to Becky and Jeff Arch for their beautiful presentation of our boy in the U.S., and to Hailey Griffith for her wonderful presentation of Ace in Canada. Thank you to both handlers for giving Ace a superlative home away from home.

Ormar Ode To Cole 

"Cole Jr"

Born: May 8, 2017

Sire:  Am.Gr. Ch. Can.Ch. Ormar Back'N Black

Our home bred boy Cole Jr.,  sired by our handsome boy "Onyx", out of our pretty Cole daughter "Demi". 

dog show 5-1.JPG