Multi Best Puppy In show and Specialty BPIS winner

Ch. Aftermath Ascot Gavotte, TP


Born: November 11, 1992 - November 9, 2008

Sire:   Am. Ch. MacGillivray High Roller, CD, TP

Dam:  Am. Ch. Legacy Midnight Tango, TP

Marney was the foundation for Ormar. She finished her title with 4 Best Puppy in Show wins and went onto produce 6 Canadian Champions and 1 Dutch Champion. She produced multi-group, group placing, best puppy in show winners, and obedience titled children and grandchildren.  She was sound, typey, elegant, and had a wonderful temperament, all of which she passed on to her children and grandchildren.  In late 2008, Marney passed away at 16 years old, a tremendous loss but always with us in our hearts. Marney was and will always be our pride and joy, and the girl who gave me my wonderful foundation and start in standard poodles.  RIP my love, until we meet again over the rainbow bridge  XOXOX

           Pictured at 14 years old swimming in the lake surrounding our home.


ORMAR Vultus Regius Venustas ​


Our  stunning homebred girl finished her  Ch. title , as a  puppy, at 10 mos. old,  winning multiple BOB, a Group 1st (Over BIS Specials), Multi Group Placements,  Multi Best Puppy In Group, Multi Best Puppy In Show & a  Best Puppy In Specialty Show . Vultus was specialed by her handler Terry in 2018 winning 17 BIS , 1 BISS, 16 RBIS, 68 Group First`s, 21 Group Second`s  and 3 Group Third`s. 

In 2018 Vultus ranked Canada`s # 2 Standard Poodle, # 3 Non Sporting, and #10 All Breed.   Vultus started her U.S. show career with a bang!  Her first time out in the U.S. was at Puget Sound Poodle Club where  she went Best Of Winners for a 5 Point Major, under world renowned breeder/judge Tim Brazier.  Her 2nd weekend out she won BOW  and a GROUP FIRST !  She  finished her US Ch. title in just 2 short weekends with a Group 1st and a Specialty BIS win from the classes !

As her breeder, I am proud of all her wonderful and prestigious accomplishments and wins, on both sides of the border. 

VULTUS (3).jpg
VULTUS (2).jpg

  Ormar Demi  

Sired by:  MBIS & SBIS Am .Can. Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets ,TP

Demi is our pretty "Cole" daughter and a full litter sister to our boy, "Ace". Like her sire "Cole" , Demi to has a lovely disposition and a  wonderful temperament. Demi was bred for her 1st litter (2017)  to our stud dog "Onyx" and produced a beautiful litter of puppies.  Out of this litter we kept a lovely black boy, we named "Cole" Jr.  (ORMAR Ode To Cole),   Demi was bred via surgical insemination for her 2nd and final litter to Am. Can. Ch. CABERNET Cut To The Chase.  We kept two stunning puppies out of this much-awaited litter, Ormar Foregone Conclusion (Anessa) and Ormar Koh-I Noor (Noor) who will be starting their show career in early 2019.

Demi's Genetic Testing results:    OFA  CHIC # 118536


HIPS:     OFA - GOOD        (PO-24103G53F-VPI)

VwD:     Clear  OFA             (PO-VW1666/54F-PI) 

NEwS:   OFA                         (PO-NES883/53F-PI-Car)

Eyes:     CERF/Clear OFA  (PO-EYE3055/53F-VPI)

Thyroid:  OFA  Clear          (PO-TH3629/53F-VPI)

Heart :     Normal

Sebaceous Adenitis (SA)  CLEAR/NORMAL  OFA (PO-SA4680/53F-VPI)

Demi the Poodle Puppy

Group Placing, BPIG winner, BOB (over Special) Ch. Ormar  Forgone Conclusion


Born: May 8th, 2018

Sire:  Am.Can. Ch. Cabernet Cut To The Chase

Dam: Demi

Our beautiful home bred girl Anessa finished her Championship title as a puppy in short order.  She won BOB (over Spec.) , BPIG and Group 4th.  We are very proud of our young girl, and are looking forward to see what she produces for our breeding program in future.  My eternal gratitude to Anessa's wonderful talented handler, Stephanie Poot for doing an amazing job with our girl, for her love, care, excellent training and beautiful presentation of our girl. Steph you are the BEST !!

Anessa wins ribbon a Scarborough Kennel Club
Jenna - Show Dog Poodle

Multi Best Puppy In Group winner

Ch. Ormar Bring It On


Born: May 5, 2008

Sire:  Am. Ch. Comets Timber Ridge Cash

Dam: Ch. Allure Ormar Ode To Anessa

Our beautiful showy girl finished her Championship title as a puppy with five (5) Best Puppy In Group wins.  Jenna has a stunning headpiece, jet black pigment, is up on leg, stylish,  typey, has beautiful movement and a wonderful loving temperament .

Ch. Unique Ormar What A Babe, TP


Born: March 26th, 2007

Sire:  SBIS Am. Eng. Ch. Afterglow The Big Tease, TP

Dam: Am. Ch. Kateisha Pearl Of The Pacific At Unique, TP

Our lovely and exuberant girl finished her championship as a puppy at 11 months of age. Lola possess a beautiful headpiece, stunning feet, lovely structure, and a wonderful temperament.  She is fully genetically tested and clear.  She was bred for 2 litters, and in these 2 litters she has produced 7  Champions, 2 U.S. champions,  and 5 Canadian champions, with 1 U.S champion also being a Grand Champion. 

Our thanks to Joan McFadden (Unique poodles) and Kathy Marker (Symphony Poodles) for entrusting this beautiful female to our care. She has made us very proud!

Lola wins at dog show
Lola's Genetic Testing results:


VwD:     Carrier (DNA Vet Gen) 

NeWS:   Clear (DNA)

Eyes:      CERF   Clear

Thyroid:  Clear

SA, Heart:  Clear

show dog 12-1.JPG

Multi Group Placing & Multi BPIG Winner,

 Ch. Ormar Vision In White


Born: August 10, 2010

Sire:  Am. Can. Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets

Dam: Ch. Unique Ormar What A Babe, TP

Our girl  Nina a beautiful Puppy Champion, possessing wonderful temperament.  Out of a litter of 7 puppies, she is Champion #1 for her sire Cole and dam Lola.  She is owned and loved by Heather Smith of Kingston Ontario.

Group 1st  winner (Over BIS Specials), Multi Group Placing, Multi BPIG,  Multi BPIS & Specialty Best Puppy In Show winner

Ch. Ormar Whisperin Willow


Born: August 10, 2010

Sire:  Am. Can. Ch. Allure Ormar No Regrets

Dam: Ch. Unique Ormar What A Babe

Willow places at dog sow

Willow is Puppy Champion #2 for her sire Cole and dam, Lola. She finished owner handled in record time. Loved by C. Pattison.

Ceili placesat dog show

Am. Gr. Ch. Can. Ch. ORMAR Robinsong Persuasive


Born: November 24, 2009

Sire:  Am. Can. Ch. HighSpirits Irrefutable, CD, CGN

Dam: Ch. Unique Ormar What A Babe

Ceili is a full litter sister  to our boy Onyx (Am.Gr.Ch.Can.Ch. ORMAR Back'N Black).  She is owned and loved by J. Herigan .  She completed her Can. Ch. and  U.S. Grand Championship titles in style.  Thank you Ms. Herigan for finishing Ceili's Championship titles   in both Canada and the U.S.A and for your love and care of Ceili. We are glad to have provided Mrs. Heriagan with the foundation upon which she has succesfuly  built her breeding program. 

In Loving Memory

Multi Group, Group Placing, & Multi BPIS winner,

Ch. Ormar Ode to Jenny, TP


Born: October 7, 1996-2010

Sire:  Ch. Sanvar High Time, TP

Dam: Ch. Aftermath Ascot Gavotte, TP

This beautiful girl was an exceptional combination of soundness, type, and great presence in the show ring. She finished her championship as a puppy. She was a multiple group 1st winner over Can. & U.S.  BIS Specials, Multi  group placing and Multi Best Puppy In Show winner, and top producer of American and Canadian champions. She consistently passed on her health, soundness, and great temperament to her children.  Jenny was owned and loved by Mrs. Pearl Gameroff of Westmount, Montreal and will be sorely missed. Until we meet again, RIP my love XOXOXOX

Jenny earns ribbon at dog show
Casey at dog show

Multi Group winner and Multi Group Placer

Ch. Ormar Jump Start My Heart, TP




Born: March 10, 1998 - 2011

Sire:  Am. Can Ch. Ale Kai Believe It Or Not, TP

Dam: Ch. Aftermath Ascot Gavotte, TP

Casey was style and elegance in one dynamic package. A multiple group winner and placer, she was a top producer and dam of our stunning boy Knight, Am. Can. Lux, Danish, Hungarian, Int’l Champion Ormar Midnight Memories who was successfully campaigned in both Canada and Europe, and finished his U.S. Title with 3 majors in 3 weekends. Casey produced 3 U.S. Champions and 1 Canadian Champion.  Casey will be dearly missed. Until we meet again my love, RIP XOXOXO

Multi Group Placing & Multi BPIG Winner

Ch. Allure Ormar Ode to Anessa


Born: May 9, 2005 - Jan. 13, 2017

As beautiful as she is spirited, our lovely girl finished her championship undefeated as an 8 month old puppy in 4 days winning BOB over a Multi BIS Special and a Group 4th. Anessa excels in beautiful movement and correct structure, as well as wonderful temperament. She is a half-sister to our boy Cole.  Out of our May 2008 litter, Anessa produced a beautiful puppy bitch, Ch. Ormar Bring it On, (Jenna) who successfully completed her Ch. title as a puppy.  Anessa is fully genetically tested and clear. Anessa is my "heart girl".  She possessed a golden temperament and wonderful disposition.  We are very proud of all of her accomplishments, both in the show ring and as a mom. Our beloved  Anessa  passed away at age 12. She will always be remembered by us as a wonderful loving companion who could do no wrong.  Rest in Peace my beloved angel.... until we meet again over the rainbow bridge   XOXOXOX